Reuven Carlyle for State Senate - Democrat


Thank you for the personal and professional honor of serving as your state senator! It is inspiring to partner with our community to tackle the pressing public issues facing our state.

As a husband, father, entrepreneur and citizen legislator, I’m honored to run for re-election to the State Senate in 2018. I’m running to continue to tackle major ‘systems’ challenges that touch real people living real lives and go to the heart of our quality of life. Our region is exploding with growth and change. Yet our public policy approach to education, transportation, mental health, environment, public safety, affordability and so many other issues too often lag behind our potential.

In my time in the Legislature I have played instrumental roles in raising the high school graduation rate for foster youth, bringing a new level of public transparency and rigor to tax preferences, modernizing higher education finance, cleaning up Puget Sound and our water quality and natural environment, and more. I have worked diligently to provide top-notch constituent services to our district when people need help from state government, and have fought hard for the values of our community.

Our constitutional republic is based on the oxygen of citizen engagement.

I ask, with deep appreciation for the opportunity to continue serving our community and state, for the honor of your vote in 2018.

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