Reuven Carlyle for State Senate - Democrat


Thank you for the personal and professional honor of serving as your state senator! It is inspiring to partner with our community to tackle the pressing public issues facing our state.

As your citizen legislator, I’m running for the State Senate in 2016 following my appointment in January after seven years of service in the House of Representatives. I’m running to continue to tackle major challenges. Our city and region is exploding with growth and change. Yet our public policy approach to education, transportation, mental health, environment, public safety, affordability and so many other issues too often lags behind our potential.

I ask, with deep appreciation for the opportunity to serve our district and state, for the honor of your vote in 2016.

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During this time of political disequilibrium in our nation, let's hope that we can choose to engage in public issues together and make meaningful progress toward improving everyone's quality of life. Thank you for your vote and support. I will strive to continue to represent our community in the state senate with a firm resolve to find solutions that are outside of the grip of stale ideas and status quo thinking. We are in this together. ... See MoreSee Less